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Following a brutal murderer’s trail of perplexing clues, Batman ventures into Gotham City’s criminal underground. Batman must establish new connections, identify the offender & bring justice to the misuse of power & corruption that has plagued the city as the evidence starts to point closer to home as well as the scope of the perpetrator’s intentions become apparent. It is now common knowledge how Batman came to be, a fact that wasn’t made clear to fans until the character’s eighth comic book appearance.

Batman Comic

One of the most well-known figures in the entertainment world is Batman. Batman continues to be the most well-known comic book character of all time, even in this era of MCU dominance. Batman has under his belt decades of adaptations across all media. Batman is one of the most significant comic characters ever created, and the sales of his comics serve as a gauge for the industry. Supervillains are an essential component of every superhero, & Batman ranks among the greatest around. Batman’s rogue’s gallery features villains for every kind of superhero story, whether they be the traditional gimmick foes of the Golden & Silver Ages or the more vicious ones of the contemporary age. Many of his foes are as well-known as Batman is. Even less well-known Batman adversaries are more well-known than the major foes of many other heroes, including the Two-Face, Joker and Riddler. Batman adversaries have resonated with readers for decades, and their fandoms frequently outpace those of real superheroes. One of DC Comics’ most talented families of heroes is the Bat-Family. They are the highlights of Batman’s tales and are a diverse group. They significantly enhance the Batman mythos, and observing how Batman plays off each of their unique characteristics really reveals Batman’s character.

‘I am Vengeance’ says Batman

Batman: I am vengeance! I am the night! I am batman!

Thug: What? I could not hear you-

Batman : Did I stutter?

The loss of his parents left Bruce Wayne unable to go on. Batman’s personal ambition to end Gotham City’s corruption was driven by his difficult upbringing, which was brought on by the loss of his parents. Every time he enters the world as Batman to battle crime, he is acting in their honor. Batman uses his catchphrase, “I am vengeance,” to express how, above all else, he intends to get revenge for their passing. The eyes are a window into the substance that a person is using, but in our Batman’s case, they are a window into his resentful, irate, and worn-out spirit.

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Loves Robin To Death

In many ways, Batman’s love life has been portrayed in his comics, films, and television shows. In addition to the love & delicacy of his connection with Rachel Dawes, the fire and exhilaration of Catwoman’s kiss, and the toxicity of both loving & hating Talia Al Ghul, he has also lived the existence of a billionaire playboy. But Robin is perhaps Batman’s best sidekick because of their intimate friendship, which none of his potential love interests can match. It is not irrational to see Batman working on another assignment with Robin while one of his girlfriends worries if he is out seducing other women because the famed pair are inseparable.

Mom’s Magic

Knowing the identity of Superman’s mother was all that was needed to prevent Batman from executing him. At Lex’s party, Clark Kent & Bruce Wayne may have spared themselves some difficulty if they had spent more time talking to one another. When meeting someone for the first time, discussing the names of their mothers is uncommon. But even in this case, it would be preferable to when they were battling & Clark yelled, “Save Martha!” to stop Bruce. Then again, there wouldn’t be a showdown at the end if Batman and Superman became fast friends.

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