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War Memes: The unprovoked invasion of a sovereign country isn’t exactly funny, but that hasn’t stopped the media and the Ukrainian public from making fun of Russia’s invasion forces in between kicks to the ever-living shit out of them.

There have been dozens of jokes, memes, tweets, and YouTube sketches mocking the Russians and their president Vladimir Putin, praising Ukrainian servicemen, and criticising NATO and the EU for their inadequate assistance. russian jokes frequently targeted Ukrainians, mocking them as rapacious, backward, and humourless.

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ere are top Russian – Ukraine war memes

The Russian Federation has been threatening many nations with its military might for years, claiming that its army is the second-strongest in the world. Invading Russian soldiers had intended to occupy Kiev in a matter of days. Yet the truth turned out to be quite different. Russian troops lacked supplies, were ill-equipped, and had low morale. And that is what the “chmonya” meme (which denotes a looser or schmuck in a softer, lesser form) implies. After turning himself in to the Ukrainian military, a soldier was photographed; in the picture, he does not appear to be intimidating at all, but rather awkward.

The secret to success is confidence, and Russian President Putin is a master at using it. This meme demonstrates how certain Putin is of victory and how, whether in elections or in battle, he never loses. Have you ever experienced the unpleasant confussio of your drowsy mind, the feeling that you’re not exactly where you were before you slept? I wonder if everyone experiences this, including Russian President Putin.

Even now, if you ask folks, they will still appreciate the hunt and catch cat-mouse drama that is Tom and Jerry. One thing about those two that was evident was how much they enjoyed pointing the finger and getting on one another’s nerves. We can certainly see the similarities in this situation. Oh, how we like drama, and drama likewise adores us. We’ve all heard of this phrase, “Never judge a book by its cover”, and yet we still do. Wow, I can well relate to the comparison.

Why do we behave in a certain way when we are warned not to? Yes, if you have enough bravery and self-assurance. As was previously stated, Russian President Putin exudes a tremendous degree of confidence, and he certainly demonstrated that.

Each of us has experienced irritation from neighbours at some point. Some people may still be dealing with unpleasant neighbours. Unfortunately, most people have great luck leaving them behind, but could you leave the entire nation? Oh well, Ukraine is in poor shape. How gigantic an asshole must you be to receive advice to calm down from some of the biggest jerks in history? Russia, examine yourself before you damage yourselves Russia is currently making fearful Pikachu noises while Ukraine is channelling her inner Charizard.

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