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Pisces Nails: Ideas, Looks, Creative, Life

Pisces Nails: Introduction

The most difficult part of doing your nails, whether in a salon or at home, is selecting the right nail polish colour and the perfect design. There are so many options available that it can be difficult to choose. I don’t blame you for reaching for that pink shade you wear all the time. This does not have to be the case. Here’s something to get you started: Match the colour of your nails to the astrological season. And, with Pisces season just around the corner, you should go for brighter colours, glittery accents, and creative designs to match the sign’s bold and imaginative energy (.

These Pisces Nails Are Abstract

You don’t have to limit your Pisces nails to a single colour or design. March to the beat of your own drum, as a Pisces always does, and combine colours and shapes that suit your mood.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish in Tidal Wave is a good option.

This Pisces Light-Blue French Nail Design

Keep your Pisces nails simple and fresh with a trim French manicure. Isn’t the pale blue colour a cute way to represent the water sign?

Pisces Nails
Class of Pisces Nails

TRY: Elena by Zoya Nail Polish

These Pisces Green Nails

This multicoloured green design is a little quirky and very creative, so it definitely falls under the category of “Pisces nails.”

TRY: Posh Nail Enamel by Revlon

This Deep-Blue Pisces Nail Color

Doesn’t this colour scream “Under the Sea” to you? The deep blue colour is rich and straightforward without being boring. If you prefer neutral-colored manicures, these Pisces nails were made for you. It does show the art of Pisces aesthetic.

TRY: Yoga-ta Get This Blue by OPI Nail Color!

This Pisces Mini-Heart Nail Design

Because Pisces are known for wearing their hearts on their sleeves, why not do the same with your nail? Pick up some stickers to recreate these Pisces nails unless you have very steady hands.

Pisces Nails
Magic of Pisces Nails

TRY: Nail Art Stickers with Hearts

This Cloud-Inspired Pisces Nail Design

Pisces may be chastised for having “their head in the clouds,” but there’s nothing wrong with being a daydreamer, in my opinion. By painting these clouds onto your nails, you can turn that alleged “character flaw” into art.


TRY: Platinum Duri Nail Polish

These Creative Pisces Nail

Choose this Picasso-inspired design for your Pisces nail to show off your artistic side. Isn’t it lovely?

TRY NOW OR NEVER Essie Quick Dry Nail Polish

This Bright Ombré for Pisces Nail

These Pisces nail combine ombré shades of various colours to create a simple yet eye-catching look that you’ll want to wear all year.

TRY: Wheels on the Bus Ella + Mila Nail Polish

These Sparkly French Nail Tips for Pisces

Enhance a neutral base polish by adding a dazzling glow to the tips of your Pisces nails.

TRY: Cosmo Magical Pixiedust by Zoya Nail Polish

This Pisces Nail Design in Blue and Green

The combination of blues and greens in these Pisces nail is both refreshing and mysterious kinda like the ocean.

TRY: Cirque Colors McKittrick Nail Polish.

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