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Candy Corn Nails: Art, Ideas, Looks, Images

Candy Corn Nails: Introduction

There is no right or wrong way to do candy-corn nail art.Candy-corn manicures are appropriate for any Halloween costume or fall occasion.Small details can elevate a manicure design to the next level ( Candy Corn Nails).

Every year, Halloween provides the ideal opportunity to experiment and create with abandon. This can range from spooky-inspired makeup to colourful contacts paired with scary yet chic costumes and even festive tattoos for the thrilling holiday. There are so many things to think about, especially when there is so much inspiration to choose from. Whether you want to wing it with a DIY costume, get inspiration from pop culture references, or go all out with wigs, these small details make a big difference.

Candy Corn Nails: More Information

Manicures can be the perfect addition to your Halloween costume to take it to the next level. The latest fall trends include stunning seasonal hues and an abundance of options. Stiletto shapes and skeleton art can be terrifying, but nothing says Halloween like candy corn. Instead of eating the sugary, tricolored candy, you can wear a fun, festive candy-corn manicure instead. So long as you have some orange, white, and yellow nail polish on hand, there is no right or wrong way to do it. If you’re looking for some nail-art inspiration, keep reading to see some of our favourite candy-corn manicures.

You may have your Halloween costume, makeup, and party plans figured out, but do you know how you’re going to do your nails?

Merry Halloween! Try this fun candy corn design for the sweetest Halloween nails. It’s not only simple, but it’s also the ideal Halloween treat for your nails. This could be the one time when biting your nails is beneficial!



I used two coats of OPI Need Sunglasses?, but any yellow will do. Allow that to dry for a few minutes before proceeding to step 2.


The stripes were freehand, but you could use french nail guides if that’s easier. I curved the stripes because I thought it looked more candy corn-like. To do this, I used the flatter side of the brush to paint from the left side of the nail to the middle, then I painted from the right side over, connecting the two arcs. Then I filled in everything up to my nails’ tips. I used two coats of OPI Flit A Bit for this.

Candy Corn Nails
Class of Candy Corn Nails


Finish the candy corn designs with white tips. This can also be done with french nail guides if the polish underneath is completely dry. I did this freehand with the Kiss Nail Art Striper in white. This has a very thin, tiny brush that is ideal for fine detail work.


I finished my mani with TWO coats of Seche Vite. This helped to smooth out the layered look, as well as make my nails shine and protect my mani for nearly a week.

Let’s use Easy Candy Corn Halloween Nail Art to decorate our nails for Halloween. Oh, I adore candy corn, and this one is safe for our teeth. You can create your own Candy Corn nail art in no time with just a few colours and a little patience! You can mix and match colours, add hand drawn accents, and even a smiley face if desired. The key is to use the right colours and to take your time letting each nail colour layer dry before applying another.

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