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2000s Nails: Art, Styles, Trend, Images, Ideas

2000s Nails trends was the turnover of the fashion industry. Fashion and beauty added a bit of spice when they entered the 2000s. It was the era of Y2K making every fashion piece a statement. All the colors were brighter and more feminine. The 2000s has seen a lot of pinks,reds, whites and glitters.

2000s Nails With Logo prints

Who doesn’t love high end brand logos on their nails? Typically, every teenage girl of the 2000s did logo nails at least once. Especially that of Louis Vuitton. Brown matte base coat with multi-colored Louis Vuitton stole the credit of the whole outfit. Until today, this stands to be the best.

Rhinestones On 2000s Nails

Rhinestones got popular around the 2000s nail salons never missed a chance to add that spark of a rhinestone every chance they got. Indeed, rhinestones go with absolutely anything. Starting from french to ombre, they are the additional jazz to the nail. 5 tones of blue with either matte or gloss finish, covered with rhinestones, is the best look for a birthday princess!

Colored Stickers: 2000s Nails

Just like the logo nails, there was a phase of sticker nails as well. Sticker nails made the whole process easy. Young girls used to do their nails at home as all they had to do was to paste some beautiful desired stickers onto their nails.

2000s Nails
Class of 2000s Nails

Pastel nail paint with a base coat and stickers of the same color gave a chic look. One can be creative with stickers as well! There is no restriction regarding sticker nails. However the person desires, can get their nails done and still look fabulous!

Hearty Nails For Pretty Hands: 2000s Nails

It was a combination of red, white and pink hearts layered up. Heart nails looked pretty feminine at that time and it was so appealing to the eye. Almond nail shape was the perfect choice for heart nails.

Butterfly Nail Art

Clear acrylic nails with pastel butterflies and occasional glitter were the trend. Cute silver and gold details were a cherry on cake for the whole Y2K butterfly nail look. Butterfly nails can be done on any nail shape but the recommended one would be the long coffin nail shape.

Leopard Print Never Fails

leopard print was not just limited to clothes and trousers. Everybody loved how the print looked so good on everything. This came down to pretty nails as well. A combination of orange and black or light yellow and brown patterned with waves and circles was a bold addition to the outfit.

2000s Nails
Class of 2000s Nails

Leopard prints were also done in french! French nails are around all the time and experimenting and including them in every nail look is legendary. Leopard print in french nails was subtle and pleasing to the eye.

Nails With Smileys

Texting got a lot of recognition during this period and so are the smileys. Smileys were found on coffee mugs, cushions, blankets, hair clips and what not. It does not hurt to add a couple of smileys to the nails as well! Yellow smileys with a solid nail color lit up the attire.

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