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Kaoru Hitachiin: Bio, Age, Life, Wiki, Career

Kaoru Hitachiin: Intro

Kaoru Hitachiin is one of the main characters from the anime and manga series named as Ouran High School.

Kaoru is the younger of the Hitachiin twins and he is in Class 1A with his older twins, Hikaru, and rest of the Host Club member, Haruhi Fujioka. Instead of being younger than his brother, Hikaru, he is really shown to be much more mature, intelligent, and level-headed. In the AWA fics, Kaoru is a student at the AWA Academy, and he is also a part of class 14.

Kaoru Hitachiin: Personality

Kaoru Hitachiin is the younger among all of the Hitachii n identical twins. Karou and his older twin, Hikaru, are introduced when the Haruhi got stumbled upon the Host Club. Being in the same class as she is, they are having rivalries against Tamaki Suoh for the Haruhi’s love and romantic attention. He is just as so playful as his twin brother but is much more insightful, mature, and easy-going person. He is also the first of the two people to understand that their co-dependence must end if they are to develop and grow into the separate and whole individuals.

Kaoru and Hikaru are both are very playful and wealthy; however, Kaoru is the calmer and the more mature among the identical brothers. When distance from his elder brother, Kaoru becomes a very pleasant person, acting in a selfless, sophisticated, and in serious manner, but when he is with his elder twin, he acts to being a scamp-like individual. Although the twins have mostly spent the majority of their lives interacting only with one another, Kaoru identified an understanding about the social interactions and about the innate self-control.

Karou Hitachiin
Best of Kaoru Hitachiin

Kaoru is basically born under the star-sign of Gemini, the identical Twins. The positive feature of this sign is like adaptability, versatility, enthusiasm, wit, eloquence, and intellectualism and the negative feature is being the inconsistency, superficiality, indecisiveness, lack of focus, mind-diverting, and nervousness. There is speculation about that whether Hikaru and Kaoru each possess and adapt all feature or if the features are split between them to create a good twin and an evil twin. Both of the twins are referring to Tamaki as Boss in the English version of the anime series and as Sir in the Japanese version of the anime series.


When Karou is not in the uniform, He likes to wear somewhat outlandish designer clothing, but fortunately, he almost always wears clothes of different style and patterns or different than color than his twin, Hikaru. In the manga series, he has short, somewhat messy auburn hair. Kaoru has also dyed his hair powder blue color, and later to pink, to confuse the Host Club members and their guests, though Haruhi still manages to tell the Hitachiin twins got apart.

When facing all of them, Kaoru’s parts his hair to the side left, while Hikaru’s parts his to the right side, when they stand together Kaoru is usually on the left side with the Hikaru on the right side. Although they tell the Tamaki that they switch the sides on a daily basis, the parting of their hair is generally remained consistent, unless they are deliberately attempting to confuse the others. Both identical twins possess the amber-colored eyes, a thin face and pale skin shade.

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