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Lois Griffin: Bio, Age, Wiki, Pokemon, Career

Seth MacFarlane developed the American cartoon series Family Guy for Fox Broadcasting. The Griffins, a household made up of Peter and Lois, their kids Meg, Chris, and Stewie, & their animated pet dog, Brian, are the focus of the series (Lois Griffin).

The program, which takes place in the imaginary city of Quahog in Rhode Island, features a lot of metafictional cutaway jokes that frequently parodie American culture.

Lois Griffin

Peter Griffin’s wife Lois Patrice Griffin is the mother of Meg, Chris, and Stewie Griffin. Lois, her family, and Brian, the family’s anthropomorphic dog, reside at 31 Spooner Street.

Lois Griffin: Bio

Born Lois Pewterschmidt and her sister Carol were raised in a very affluent family. Additionally, they have a long-lost elder brother named Patrick who has been sent to a psychiatric ward after turning into a serial killer. When Peter worked for her aunt as a towel boy, she first met him.

Lois Griffin
Best of Lois Griffin

Carter Pewterschmidt, her affluent father, can’t stand Peter and constantly hurls insults at him. Peter seemed to be doing his hardest—perhaps unintentionally—to irritate her. Currently working as a full-time mother, Lois also taught piano to young children on the side.

Lois Griffin: Age

Although Lois’ most recent age is 43, she was born at an unknown date in “Regarding Carter.” According to “Let’s Go to the Hop,” she is 2 years younger than Peter. The fact that Lois and Peter are both Eighteen in the episode “Meet the Quagmires” skews this slightly, albeit only Brian’s declaration that she is Eighteen supports this.

Her Appearance Throughout The Series: Lois Griffin

Lois Griffin is indeed a tall, Caucasian woman with red hair. She is dressed in tan pants, a teal green button-up blouse, red lipstick, blue pearl earrings, and magenta slip-on shoes.

Marriage With Peter Griffin: Lois

When Peter worked for her aunt as a towel boy, she first met him. Her affluent father, who despises Peter, always makes crude remarks. Peter seemed to be doing his hardest—perhaps unintentionally—to irritate her.

Lois’s Personality

motherly and sweet. Although Lois’ prior moniker, “Loose Lois,” could lead you to believe otherwise, she is actually a wonderful mother in many respects. She undoubtedly has some dark secrets, but in a home where her son genuinely keeps a deranged monkey living in his closet, that still makes her seem very normal.

Alex’s Voice For Lois

Alex Borstein provides Lois’ voiceover. She was performing a live stage act in Los Angeles at the moment show’s creator Seth MacFarlane contacted her for a part on the show, portraying a redhead mum in a sketch. One of her relatives’ voices served as inspiration for the vocal style (Lois Griffin).


  • Lois wore a pink shirt and blonde hair in the Pilot Pitch.
  • Lois was romantically involved with various men, particularly those who were members of 1980s rock bands.  In “Bill & Peter’s Bogus Journey,” Lois also had a relationship with Bill Clinton.
  • She was a circus freak who utilized a trampoline and exclaimed, “Me likey bouncing!” in the film called Lethal Weapons. She appeared to be a creature like a dwarf.
  • In “The Perfect Castaway,” she wed Brian while still believing Peter was deceased. When Peter came back, it was later canceled.
Lois Griffin
A beautiful look of Lois Griffin
  • She was chosen for something like an Olympic diving group, however Meg ended up being born instead. Later, she changed her position to support abortion.
  • She is a real tickler. In “Mother Tucker,” Peter tickled her till she cried out for mercy.

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