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Glenda Reyna: 10 Important Facts To Know

Glenda Reyna: Info

Glenda Reyna is a Mexican actress, model and a manager. She is very popular in her home country and is splendidly beautiful with perfect features and those being so symmetrical. She is though 70 years old now. she begun her modelling career at the age of 21.  

She is mostly known for being a judge on the reality show named – Mexico’s Next Top Model. She has walked in fashion shows around Mexico, Europe, the United States and many other countries during her modelling reign. Model Glenda Reyna is fairly popular. Speaking about her early life, Glenda was born in Caborca, Mexico, on the 7th of May, 1952, which makes Glenda’s zodiac sign as Taurus. 

Glenda Reyna: Things to Know

After being born in Caborca, Sonora. She pursued Dentistry at UNAM and two specialties within – Pediatric Dentistry, in Superior Studies at UNAM, and later, Orthodontics at ULA. She was also a university professor at the UNAM School of Dentistry and coordinator of the ULA School of Dentistry for several years.

Juggling her work and studies, she began her modelling career when she was just 21. Surprisingly she didn’t plan on being a model, it all began when she simply offered to replace a model friend of her on a catwalk, just to earn a little extra money. That help made her entire career ahead. 

Her career: Glenda Reyna

She is an ambitious lady and is always preparing for her new goals; and seeing that the Mexican fashion world keeps showing interest in her, she enrols in the unique and famous modelling school of the sisters Bárbara and Angelika Angeli, two famous Austrian models in Mexico since the 70’s.

Via which she prepared for her new journey, she began her professional career in the early 1980s, becoming one of the most sought-after models in Mexico throughout that very decade.

Glenda Reyna
Glenda Reyna at a red carpet

A few years later, she is represented by the most important agency in the industry: Anibal Y Tania. It is the agency that represents and supports both, GERARDO REBOLLO- fashion co-ordinatorl, as well as Max Clemente known as the best photographer, in this amendment of a completely professional modelling career.

In the years between 1980 – 1989, she was completely dedicated to the world of fashion and had completely retired from Dentistry.

An indispensable and a very dedicated model of the catwalks, she is a muse of inspiration for the designers of that decade in the haute couture designer salon of the “Palacio De Hierro” such as: Manuel Méndez, Enrique Martínez and many others.

Crucial Info

She was the creditor of innumerable nominations for countless and continuous years and the winner of many of them as “The model of the year”. She also has won the silver star and has been nominated for 4 consecutive years for the Ovni award as the best Mexican model.

In 1989, she took her retirement from modelling and began her stage as a businesswoman, she opening Glenda Models, one of the most representative agencies promoting Mexican models all over the world exporting them abroad; positioning itself as the most renowned modelling agency in USA and other countries.

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