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Ever since television was invented and became accessible to the common people, its use and popularity only saw an increase. The television first started off by showing things only in black and white but after several years, colour TV was invented which showed the colours of the sceneries present in the movie. Another thing that needs to be noticed is that, back in the day when black and white films were much more prevalent, the camera quality was not as crisp and clear as it is today. That being said, the charm and aesthetic beauty of black and white movies will never be matched by movies of modern times. Currently, just like our phones, computers, tablets and other devices, television also comes with a huge variety of features like voice recognition, internet connectivity and many more. One of the things that we all know about and see on tv are serials or series. We know that in India, there is a big audience for TV serials. But with the rise in the use of streaming platforms, the series that are shown on those platforms are also gaining a lot of popularity. Some popular TV channels that we have in India Today are popular Hindi channels like Zee TV, Star Plus and more, and tons of regional channels as well.

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We all know about this series called Friends. The popular city of Friends is such that, whether you have seen it or not, you must have definitely come across it somehow or another, be it just by watching some clips on the internet. This series is something that has had fans through generations and the recent reunion of the cast of the show sent fans into a complete frenzy. If are a fan of this super hit television series and are planning on gaining an aesthetic, take a look at this list:

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For any aesthetic to come into being, the most important thing about it is the attire or ensemble. If you are a fan of this tv show, then you must have noticed how differently each of them is styled. These outfits are great for daily fashion inspiration and they also give a look at how people would dress during those Times. Even though we have many similar clothes here in this age along with that age as well, styling items of clothing is all that matters. Another way by which you can adopt the aesthetic of this TV show is by going for official merchandise. Getting official Friends merchandise might be a little tricky, but it is much easier now with the help of the internet. You can either purchase official merchandise from their official website, or you can also go for collaborated products or things which have designs inspired from the show. Home decor is also another way of adopting a Friends aesthetic. Although it may not will be possible to entirely designed the house like the show in the show, you can give your room a new makeover by attaching some super cool ideas and pictures.

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