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Time Aesthetic hasn’t always been a major concern for us. Clocks didn’t become important until the Industrial Revolution, when manufacturers had to manage hundreds of workers and hire them to work in unison. The concept of “time is money” was pushed by business leaders just as they imposed clock time on the labour. The most frequent noun in the English language today is time, which is followed by person, day, manner, and year. We frequently lament the lack of time, the need for improved time management, and the mystery around its passing. Here are the top  interesting time facts: Time Aesthetic

 On Earth, everyone is experiencing the past.

Despite the fact that this may sound like the premise of a sci-fi time-travel thriller, it is a reality due to human biology and the unpredictable nature of time. About 80 milliseconds after an event occurs, our brains begin to register it. Some physicists contend that there is no such thing as “now” and that the present instant is nothing more than an illusion due to this tenuous boundary between both the present and the past.

People have varied ways of experiencing time: Time Aesthetic

You’ve definitely observed that time seems to fly by when you’re having fun or working towards a goal, but it drags when you’re bored. This is due to your brain paying less attention to time passing while you’re concentrated on something, like a huge job project or a party. Yet, when you’re uninterested or your brain isn’t as active, you become more conscious of time’s passage and it seems to move more slowly. Dopamine, the neurotransmitter and hormone that makes us feel happy, was mentioned in one study as another potential offender. It proved that when you love something, your body produces more dopamine, which can slow down your internal clock and make you feel like time is flying by.

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 Speed: Time Aesthetic

If you’re standing, you’ll notice that your face moves through time more quickly than your feet. According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, time moves more slowly the closer you are to the Earth’s centre. This has been observed. The difference between a year at the summit of Mount Everest and one at sea level is roughly 15 microseconds.

Time can be arbitrary.

The clock cannot be slowed down or sped up, nor can it be stopped. Nonetheless, everyone is aware that time seems to pass more quickly when you are having fun or a deadline is drawing near, as opposed to when you are bored or at work, where the hands of the clock appear to be moving at an unfathomably slow rate. No, your watch or clock was not malfunctioning at those times. You have a brain problem.  It is possible to not realise time slipping by. Time seems to pass by unnoticed when the brain is active or focused on something. On the other hand, your brain becomes more conscious of the ticking clock when you are bored or engaged in an unpleasant activity, giving the impression that time is moving more slowly.

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